26 oct. 2015

How is Craniosacral therapy different from Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractic?

Recently I was told by someone that what they did,Craniosacral therapy, was the same as NSA Chiropractic. It made me think that there is a need and a great opportunity to clarify what the differences are.

Craniosacral therapy was developed by a genius from the Osteopathic profession, Dr. John Upledger,D.O..

Using light sustained touch, the Craniosacral practitioner's main emphasis is to harmonize the circulation of vascular and cerebrospinal fluids; to release tension off of the meningeal system, harmonize mobility of the cranial bones and the sacrum and to improve circulation of micro-currents.

All of which are tremendous contributions to health and well-being.

NSA was created and developed by a Chiropractic genius Dr. Donald Epstein,D.C..

Dr. Epstein has created a system of light touch chiropractic which greatly enhances the progress of the neuroplasticity of the nervous system, in measurable and predictable ways that have never before been observed in living beings.

So much so that several major American universities have studied, including the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California Irvine School of Medicine, the unique up-grade in coherence of the nervous system obtained with NSA care.

In an Irvine University study, individuals who received NSA care had documented improvements in all categories of life (Health, Life Enjoyment, Job…) to an unprecedented degree.

In my opinion NSA boost how your spinal cord, (which is the bridge between body and brain), does its job, so that consistent progression of abilities and performances arise.

Your spinal cord is your "back brain", it collects, selects and organizes the sensations from all of your body before it even reaches your brain, (it gives rise to the sense of who you are in relation to your environment, both inside and outside of your body.)

NSA also boost the neuroplasticity of your brain, meaning you do more with less effort and greater energy, again with a consistent progression and optimization of its performances.

Since the brain and spinal cord control most of what happens in the body (we haven’t discussed the gut brain), NSA helps your super computers to enhance the healing of your energy, your pain, your cells, your stress, your emotional range and flexibility, your drive…

As a side note, NSA is taught to doctors of Chiropractic and not to the general public.

Finally on a personal note, I would add that I have 28 years of clinical expertise and 10 000 hours of graduate and post graduate education as a Chiropractor and that this does make a difference as well.

What I seek to accomplish with my patients/healing partners, is to have them be able to design their life according to their deepest aspirations so that they can have an extra-ordinary life of joy.

Super energy rich day to you!