30 sept. 2012

Overcoming ADHD Naturally

Happy Focused Kids, Dr. Muriel Poli's breakthrough program, at Vitalia Quiropractica, Barcelona,Spain.

What is the “Happy Focused Kids” program?

As a Holistic Family Chiropractor, Dr. Muriel Poli has treated many parents whose children had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning Disabilities (dyslexia, problems reading, writing, spelling, speaking, with math…)    These parents were looking for effective alternatives to medications. Unfortunately, the results were often limited as they tried to treat the symptoms with natural remedies rather than correcting the causes.                                                                                                          Over the last decade, a growing number of scientific studies have shown that ADHD and Learning Disabilities have a biological basis.              
The comprehensive natural program that we offer assesses and treats the multiple neurological and metabolic imbalances that either cause, participate or worsen ADHD and Learning Disabilities.                                  
 Who can benefit?                 
The program is specifically designed to help children suffering from attention deficit, hyperactivity, dyslexia, problems reading, writing, spelling, speaking, with math                                                                                The program is also open to adults who are interested in improving concentration, attention, memory, cognitive functions; as well as sport performance in terms of speed, coordination and agility.