29 ene. 2012

Detoxifying Requires a Good Plan

There is a lot more to detoxifying than buy a box with two bottles of mixed herbs.
The basic strategy that I use with my patients, and vary according to which organs
or systems need support, is as follows:
    Increase antioxidant reserves
    Liver building blocks
    Stomach Acid + Enzymes
   Gut Wall                                                           
     Colon Wall                                                            
    The Bugs: regain your energy.
       Toxins/ Synthetic Chemicals: in fat, muscles & organs
   Fiber: Good bowel movement
     Flora: Good bacteria for a  healthy Colon 
The above ensures that meaningful support is provided to the body
for it to do its job properly, and for you to have Vitality
for your body and life.    
Dr. Muriel Poli,D.C.     Vitalia Quiropractica   

15 ene. 2012

Vitalidad Con Detoxificacion

La Dra. Poli explicará cómo evitar varias toxinas, la fisiología de la detoxificación.Dará su propio acercamiento, con muchas soluciones prácticas de detoxificacion
para Revitalizar su Cuerpo y Vida.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  J                Jueves 19 Enero 20:00h , en Vitalia Quiropractica, Barcelona

13 ene. 2012

Heart and Soul Embrace

I am enamoured with this photo. It reminds me of God, this majestic being that bows down to 
commune with us in love. 
(Plus I am born the year of the tiger so I always feel a great affinity with them :)))

2 ene. 2012

Disc herniation Natural and Integral Treatments video

Joyous new Year to all.                                                                    May you embrace your Heart and Soul essence!
I finally got around to translating my Spanish Disc Herniation video that got 43000 ckicks so far. I actually improved it.