26 feb. 2013

Dr. Muriel Poli,DC's keys to achieve success in overcoming ADHD naturally

Our keys to achieve success in overcoming ADHD naturally are: 

●Rehabilitating target specific “weaker” areas in the brain                               ●Restoring dynamic and fluid spinal mechanics                                              ●Harmonize nutritional, metabolic, allergic or neurotoxic imbalances

Your child will have an opportunity to excel and express his/her unique gifts, while regaining considerable self-esteem.                                                  You and your spouse will get a chance to regain a harmonious family life.

If your child’s history
includes: You have “tried everything” and your child still has significant symptoms, difficult birth, slouching posture, never crawled, eats lots of fish/seafood, allergies, frequent ear and throat infections, hyperactive, clumsy, very distracted; he/she may have developmental delays in the brain which we can help to correct.

Some of the tools Dr. Muriel Poli,DC employs are:

Network Spinal Analysis: A gentle Chiropractic method that consists in reestablishing the “phone lines” between the brain and the spine and postural muscles, so that they can better recharge the cerebellum, which activates the brain.

Brain Enhancing Exercises: She stimulates the “weaker” areas, found during the neurological examination, with specific individualized rhythmic and synchronizing exercises, using for example: a metronome and a balancing exercise while stimulating vision or smell, to trigger the neuroplasticity of the brain. She may use a very gentle laser, to help rehabilitate cranial nerve function.
Orthomolecular supplements: Your child may activate more his brain cells when concentrating, and need more anti-oxidants; or need low blood sugar support…

Healthy Diet: To address some nutrient deficiencies and to benefit the entire family.                                                                                                     Allergy Resolution: Immediate response allergies, food intolerance, peptide accumulations, can cause large behavioral changes.

Detoxifying: Using natural chelating substances, that help to bind and remove Heavy Metals which are neurotoxic.

Somato-Respiratory Integration: Oxygen is the number one "nutrient" the brain cells require.
Functional Laboratory Tests: New generation of sensitive laboratory tests, designed to show us how the Nervous system functions.

Dr. Poli offers an integral brain based treatment alternative, to traditional approaches which have shown at best a 50% improvement of symptoms (2006 MTA study), without changing the root causes of the brain dysfunctions.

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