30 ago. 2015

The Neurology of Success:

The Neurology of Success:

Dr. Donald Epstein, creator of Network Spinal Analysis, once said “what you feel you lack the most is what you should give-out the most ”.                  This in my opinion is a guarantee for spiritual success; we are after all “spiritual beings having a physical experience”, and priorities matter.

My priority is to help my Patients aka Healing Partners, to reach greater levels of life Enjoyment through Integral Health.

Interestingly enough I was at a professional seminar this year and at one point the doctor giving the seminar detected that I was resonating some sadness. This at first got me thinking, “am I a fraud”?
Here I am, wanting to promote life enjoyment and I am having difficulties calling-up and resonating Joy.

Then I realized that I needed to exercise my “joy muscle” in a novel and more effective way.

So to be congruent with my professional purpose and my spiritual success, I wrote for my Healing Partners my two latest presentations on what I call         “The Neurology of Success”.

They are about how to cultivate, through neurological strategies, elevated energy emotions and how to hard wire them in your cerebral and body architecture; so that you can design your life based on the greatness of the unique talents you have, and generate extra-ordinary life enjoyment for you and others.

This being said I did not reinvent the wheel, however this is my unique Gazpacho and integration of data that I am going to be putting forth.

Dr. Muriel Poli,DC   Barcelona Chiropractor