26 oct. 2015

How is Craniosacral therapy different from Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractic?

Recently I was told by someone that what they did,Craniosacral therapy, was the same as NSA Chiropractic. It made me think that there is a need and a great opportunity to clarify what the differences are.

Craniosacral therapy was developed by a genius from the Osteopathic profession, Dr. John Upledger,D.O..

Using light sustained touch, the Craniosacral practitioner's main emphasis is to harmonize the circulation of vascular and cerebrospinal fluids; to release tension off of the meningeal system, harmonize mobility of the cranial bones and the sacrum and to improve circulation of micro-currents.

All of which are tremendous contributions to health and well-being.

NSA was created and developed by a Chiropractic genius Dr. Donald Epstein,D.C..

Dr. Epstein has created a system of light touch chiropractic which greatly enhances the progress of the neuroplasticity of the nervous system, in measurable and predictable ways that have never before been observed in living beings.

So much so that several major American universities have studied, including the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California Irvine School of Medicine, the unique up-grade in coherence of the nervous system obtained with NSA care.

In an Irvine University study, individuals who received NSA care had documented improvements in all categories of life (Health, Life Enjoyment, Job…) to an unprecedented degree.

In my opinion NSA boost how your spinal cord, (which is the bridge between body and brain), does its job, so that consistent progression of abilities and performances arise.

Your spinal cord is your "back brain", it collects, selects and organizes the sensations from all of your body before it even reaches your brain, (it gives rise to the sense of who you are in relation to your environment, both inside and outside of your body.)

NSA also boost the neuroplasticity of your brain, meaning you do more with less effort and greater energy, again with a consistent progression and optimization of its performances.

Since the brain and spinal cord control most of what happens in the body (we haven’t discussed the gut brain), NSA helps your super computers to enhance the healing of your energy, your pain, your cells, your stress, your emotional range and flexibility, your drive…

As a side note, NSA is taught to doctors of Chiropractic and not to the general public.

Finally on a personal note, I would add that I have 28 years of clinical expertise and 10 000 hours of graduate and post graduate education as a Chiropractor and that this does make a difference as well.

What I seek to accomplish with my patients/healing partners, is to have them be able to design their life according to their deepest aspirations so that they can have an extra-ordinary life of joy.

Super energy rich day to you!

30 ago. 2015

The Neurology of Success:

The Neurology of Success:

Dr. Donald Epstein, creator of Network Spinal Analysis, once said “what you feel you lack the most is what you should give-out the most ”.                  This in my opinion is a guarantee for spiritual success; we are after all “spiritual beings having a physical experience”, and priorities matter.

My priority is to help my Patients aka Healing Partners, to reach greater levels of life Enjoyment through Integral Health.

Interestingly enough I was at a professional seminar this year and at one point the doctor giving the seminar detected that I was resonating some sadness. This at first got me thinking, “am I a fraud”?
Here I am, wanting to promote life enjoyment and I am having difficulties calling-up and resonating Joy.

Then I realized that I needed to exercise my “joy muscle” in a novel and more effective way.

So to be congruent with my professional purpose and my spiritual success, I wrote for my Healing Partners my two latest presentations on what I call         “The Neurology of Success”.

They are about how to cultivate, through neurological strategies, elevated energy emotions and how to hard wire them in your cerebral and body architecture; so that you can design your life based on the greatness of the unique talents you have, and generate extra-ordinary life enjoyment for you and others.

This being said I did not reinvent the wheel, however this is my unique Gazpacho and integration of data that I am going to be putting forth.

Dr. Muriel Poli,DC   Barcelona Chiropractor

1 jun. 2015

Ready to Enjoy your Summer with a Spring in your Step and One in your Brain?

It is not uncommon for people to have a hard time tolerating the heat because of Adrenal stress.


Your blood pressure changes up or down, and you may have associated light headedness.
You experience cravings for salty or sugary foods.
You are a lot more prone to allergies.
You may feel sluggish and tired or waking up at night between 4 & 6 am.
Struggling to get through the day, or anxious or unable to re-frame your thinking.
Experience more low back pain or increase pain where you were already hurting.
You may have cramps or Charley horses in the calf muscles.
You may feel more energy in the evenings.


Among the many functions of the Adrenal glands, (aka the stress glands, the little Chinese shaped hats that sit on top of the Kidneys, located in your low back area), is the fact that they contribute to the control of  the heart’s flow and output of blood. When it is hot, your heart works harder so you can stay cool and not feel dizzy.
Anytime you solicit a gland to work and if it is already out of sorts, it is like whipping a tired horse.

Another remarkable thing the Adrenals do is to control how much water is in and out of the cells so that there is optimal exchange of “Goods”.
When the Adrenals are not happy, you tend to accumulate water and gain fat more characteristically in the arms, legs and face (Moon Face.)
The Adrenals also affect your brain by producing Adrenaline and Cortisol, both of which influence other brain messenger chemicals and or circuits which will affect your mood and drive.



Every organ is like a factory, it needs raw materials to produce goods. The following is a basic list of raw materials that the Adrenals especially like:

VIT B : 1 .
2 . 3 . 5 . 6 . FOLATE, Brewers Yeast, Mushrooms, Rare Red Meat.
Drink Water: 2 - 3 L / DAY
OMEGA3 Type fats, it is best to buy capsules of sardine or anchovies oil. I recommend “Optimal EFAs” from Biotics Research, “EYEQ” from Equizen or “VEGEPA”  from Ingennus.
PROTEINS: 1.2 g / Kg of body weight. Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Oats, RAW Pumpkin seeds, almonds, Avocados, Bananas, Lima Beans, Blue Berries, Spirulina.
ELECTROLYTES: Sea Salt ¼ of a tea spoon in a glass of water 1-2x/DAY, Organic Coconut Water
BOSWELLIA Infusions and use Turmeric spice on your foods.
EAT BREAKFAST!!! Even if you are not hungry, eat something with a quality protein, fat and carbohydrate.
Marmalade on brioche or toast with coffee will send you into a hypoglycemic spiral and kick the poor Adrenals and Pancreas right where it hurts.

Receive Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic “adjustments”,
it is one of the most powerful methods I know to help your brain to become calmer and coherent so it can regulate properly the Adrenals; and defrost and release your low back, so that the Adrenals receive all the nerve energy they need to work right.

If all this information seems a bit overwhelming, I will be clarifying and expanding on it during my next conference on Tuesday June 16th at my office.

Energy Rich week to Youhu   :)

Dr. Muriel Poli,DC

27 oct. 2014

Have you had your daily dose of Mozart?

Have you had your daily dose of Mozart?

A couple months ago I posted a video of an elderly gentleman
throwing away his crutches and dancing with all his heart at the sound of familiar music.

Part of the reason he was able to do this was because of the
unleashing of Emotions setting his Energy in Motion, and by the fact that the main form communication within the nervous system is through sound, (secondly electrical impulses and thirdly neuro-regulator chemicals). 

The cell to cell communication system is actually faster
than through the nervous system as it uses coherent light.

The famous French ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Alphred Tomatis
was actually at the forefront of his time in developing and entire system of
“re-education” of the nervous system through enhanced ( high pitched sounds), and prolonged listening to Mozart and Gregorian Chant music. 

Here at Vitalia Quiropractica we enhance both the nervous system and
the cell to cell communication systems, and our patients definitely feel more
Alive and Vibrant as a result!

Dr. Muriel Poli,DC

24 ene. 2014

Manifest a Different Reality

Manifest a Different Reality:
Leading with your strengths is definitely a winning strategy, but what happens if you have no physical energy to begin with?

To produce the quality of life you want or to manifest your heart’s desires requires that you shift your baseline energy to a higher level. You need a different you to manifest a different reality. As long as your energy level remains the same, you can’t expect new outcomes. This is why many New Year’s resolutions carried by emotions alone don’t last.

Your current state of energy is a product of your patterns: thoughts, stories, view of your world, past experiences and of the emotions you keep replaying. Of course there are life style choices, kinks in your neck and back that affect your nerve energy, physical trauma that interferes with energy, I deal with those on a daily basis with my patients.

However, every time you have a thought or an emotion your brain makes chemicals, (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones), which then trigger glands to release other hormones all of which, if we keep replaying the same thoughts over and over again, create chemical patterns; the same soup if you will, day in and day out.

Every time you have the same thought or emotion you trigger the same groups of neurons and their interconnected roots, branches and pathways; in effect hardwiring your thoughts and emotions into your supercomputer and engraving them into your physical body; by virtue of this process your body becomes the mirror of your “other than conscious mind” (usually referred to as subconscious.)

This creates a loop and what you end-up feeling in your body will then trigger your conscious mind into thinking more of the same. A vivid example of this, are cravings and addictions. You feel something in your body, which then triggers a set of thoughts and behaviors. These loops of automatic thoughts and behaviors you have can really do a number on your energy glands, by repeatedly throwing you into states of alarm (IE cravings), leaving you exhausted, gaining weight, foggy thinking, water retention, anxieties, low libido, afternoon headaches, frequent allergies, low back pain, light headed, cold hands and feet, loss of hair, constipation, these are some of the more frequent symptoms associated with fatigued Adrenal and Thyroid glands: This begs the question:

How do we undo these patterns?

The conscious mind represents 5% of your brain’s activity, the “Other than Conscious” part 95%. To try to have the 5% tell the other 95% what to do is a non-starter.

The name of the game is to interrupt the patterns at one or more ends of the Body/Subconscious loop.

How do you accomplish this?

As a chiropractor my specialty is the nervous system. I am like a gardener who helps you to prune old nerve cells connections/patterns and help you to sprout new connections. Helping you to establish new roots and pathways = stretching your neuroplasticity*.

As an Orthomolecular therapy specialist I help to reset some of the body chemistry patterns you have put in place = making new soups (Onion soup & Lobster bisque are my favorites)

As an example, a patient of mine, we will call her Ruppertah, was about to be fired from her job because she had memory lapses and could not focus her mind or her eyes, especially after lunch time.

Her distress was palpable because she loved her job but her symptoms were interfering with her creativity and performance, (she was a graphic designer for a PR firm), and they were interfering with her personal relationship because she had no energy to go out or libido. She went from doctor to doctor and was finally diagnosed with Attention Deficit and told to take some Ritalin-like substance.

It turns out she was chronically dehydrated, highly allergic to dairy which she ate massive amounts of because she FELT better after eating it. Cheese was her craving, a source of fire/inflammation and stimulation, (by the way the Harvard school of medicine has now eliminated cheese and dairy from its recommended “food pyramid” because of its overwhelming link with certain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases). One of the functions of the Adrenal glands is to put out fires with cortisol, the same hormone that they churn out when you are in a state of stress.

As with all cravings you first get a high and then you find yourself in the dumps.

We dramatically turned things around together by progressively eliminating the cheese, rehydrating , directing her toward Adrenal boosting foods and entraining her nervous system to a more peaceful and resourceful state. Naturally her mind, memory and vision became sharper.

She is now confident again in her abilities at work and with job security, and she has a more harmonious relationship with her partner.

In essence the way I help my patients to interrupt the outworn patterns, is by helping their body to erase the black board, so they have the opportunity to write a new message and to have room for new thoughts and emotions. Their active participation is where the transformational secret is at.

I will be providing Nutritional Strategies to generate more energy richness by supporting the Adrenal and Thyroid glands (the body’s energy glands), so you have the energy to enjoy your life with vitality and health.

I will be giving a workshop Friday February 21st at casa Orlandai, from 11 to12, during which you will experience and learn how to participate in creating a pattern interrupt by jump starting your energy glands with the use of foods and your kitchen as your “pharmacy”. You may contact my office at info@vitaliaquiro.com for additional details about the workshop or to sign-up.

Dr. Muriel Poli,D.C.

* Neuroscientific research indicates that experiences can actually change both the brain's physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology).

10 abr. 2013

Open House Celebration: Friday April 19th

Open House Celebration:
Friday April 19th from 3:30 to 9:00pm

You will be able to enjoy the following activities:

  • A SRI workshop (Somato-Respiratory Integration)
  • Chiropractic sessions using the gentle NSA method  (Network Spinal Analysis)
  • How to move your life forward with new creative capacities  through NSA                                                              
  • An Opportunity to sign-up for a special offer and a raffle                                                                                   
For more details about the Schedule of activities go to: https://www.facebook.com/vitaliaquiropracticabarcelona?ref=tn_tnmn
      You must reserve in advance at:                                                        info@vitaliaquiro.com   or 93 414 22 49                                                                      
 Event location: Vitalia Quiropráctica, C/ Muntaner 318, 4-2,  080021 . Barcelona
 We would be delighted to have your participation.

 Best of Health                                                                                                                                   
 Dr. Muriel Poli,DC