15 feb. 2012

You've Got to be Kidding

2 to 3 Months infant vaccinations:

Learning about “routine” medical procedures such as vaccinations is very important for the Health of your family. You cannot rely on the US Government to protect you. Let me illustrate, the gov doesn’t have money to hire more food inspectors but does find the money to pay for special police forces to be present (in Virginia last year, with machine guns), during a forced vaccination campaign. Every time a pharmaceutical company wants to market a new vaccine they go directly to the legislature of states, and since the brain wash is so complete most law makers vote for it. Some of the vaccine’s on the market have poorly reviewed safety and manufacturing processes. There is also a trend here where women’s human rights are easy to trample on, thanks to politicians who want to cash in on artificial cultural warfares they provoke to advance their personal interests.
The Nephrologist in this video speaks of the Immunological cascade and the anti-body as being only one element of this highly sophisticated cascade. The presence alone of an anti-body does not mean you have acquired immunity.
Here at Vitalia Quiropractica I have seen a number of so called “autistic” little ones whose parents all tell the same story, my infant was normal then 2 weeks after the vaccination…